Digital Technology applied to Human Resources: Phil Strazzulla Founder of Select Software Reviews - Jinzai - Servicios Especializados en RRHH 1

In this Jinzai People Experience Phil Strazzulla, Founder of Select Software Reviews, tell us about how to apply digital technologies to Human Resources and what are the strongest trends currently.

Phil tell us about the importance of select the right software that fulfill the Human Resources needs of your company. Software are useful throughout the entire employee life cycle from getting the message out to the right candidate to the Onboarding.

Also tell us what the strongest trends in the industry are, one of them is the use of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources, this help us to make more efficient our recruitment processes. This software works with the information than we provide at the beginning, we provide to them information about what we want and what we will work for us and the Artificial Intelligence does the rest.

Phil also affirm that your company culture is going to give you the clue that you need to know where to focus and if you have very bad weaknesses like no onboarding, no promotion and the people are leaving very fast and your business is struggling, that’s what it will tell the Human Resources team where to focus.

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